Causes of Malocclusion

Published: 31st March 2011
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Malpositioning of the teeth is a basic orthodontic problem that can be corrected through the use of braces. In even simpler cases of teeth misalignment, aligners can be used as alternatives to traditional braces. However, there are cases of teeth misalignment that cannot be easily treated by braces or aligners. These cases may require tooth extraction prior to the placement any corrective device.

A malocclusion is an orthodontic condition wherein teeth alignment is affected by incorrect growth. This is usually coupled with the disharmony of the skeletal structure of the face, particularly associated with the improper relationship of the upper and lower jaws. Many symptoms can be related to this condition, such as emergence of some teeth on top of other teeth, improper growth stance of the teeth, and crowding.

Dentists regard malocclusion as an orthodontic case that can be resolved by cosmetic dentistry procedures. Nevertheless, severe malocclusion can lead to the lack of adequate protection for some teeth, making these teeth prone to cavities and periodontal disease. This becomes a concern of general dentistry. Many cosmetic dentists in large cities like Las Vegas perform orthodontic procedures to correct malocclusions before these result in periodontal disease.

Experts have come up with different causes of malocclusion, although only some are superficially true. There are three malocclusion causes that any Las Vegas dentist can point out. One cause is the consistency of Western diets. The growth of teeth is said to be affected not by the kind of food eaten but by the consistency of eating such food. This factor is believed to affect the supposed growth pattern of the teeth.

Another reason is frequent mouthbreathing or inhaling and exhaling through the mouth. While breathing must be done through the nose, even if it is possible through the mouth, this irregularity can result in significant changes in the oral structures such as the teeth. Such a theory is supported by Las Vegas dentistry experts.

Probably the most apparent cause of malocclusions is the premature extraction of the deciduous teeth, usually through severe cavities. In Las Vegas dentistry, it is important for the primary teeth to mature before these give way for the permanent to emerge. The untimely loss of primary teeth can lead to the interruption in the balance of teeth growth, affecting the secondary teeth expected to take the place of these teeth.

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