Best Tips: How to Deal with Dental Caries

Published: 07th June 2011
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Dental caries is one of the deadliest dental diseases that your teeth can ever acquire. Aside from its rapid development and infestation, this disease usually progresses to tooth loss if not treated right away. The progress of dental caries comes with mild to severe irritation, and sensitivity is aggravated when the teeth infected is exposed to extreme temperatures.

Many skilled dentists in highly urbanized cities like Las Vegas admit that most of their appointments with clients are associated with the treatment (through cosmetic procedure) of dental caries. Some patients are given preventive treatment by covering the affected area with amalgam to inhibit the bacteria from penetrating deeper into the layers of the teeth. Worse cases of dental caries lead to forced extraction (through reconstructive procedure).

Dental caries is always associated with bacteria. The infection can be blamed on the formation of special classes of bacteria called Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacillus. They grow and multiply on the foodstuffs left on the surface and in between the teeth. This is the reason dentists in Las Vegas give emphasis on brushing, since it is the best way of caring for the teeth. It removes the foodstuffs that cause the formation of the bacteria and gives the teeth a buffer.

As the bacteria multiply, they produce a certain type of enzyme that reacts with the sugar content of the foodstuffs. The resultant chemical is lactic acid, a slightly corrosive acid that can destroy even the hardest tissue of the body, which is present on the surface of the teeth. A dentist in Las Vegas, NV will recommend brushing the teeth within 30 minutes after every meal to keep bacteria from multiplying to a dangerous level.

Initially, dental caries creeps onto the surface of the teeth unnoticeably. Because the pores on the enamel are too small to sense any irritation from the decay, the sufferer does not easily notice the occurrences on his or her teeth. Only when the infection reaches the sensitive region of the teeth that the sufferer begins to feel pain. A dentist in Las Vegas, NV will recommend immediate prevention by application of amalgam.

The most obvious indication of dental caries is the dark color on the surface of the teeth resulting from the decay. Any dentist in Las Vegas, NV can perform an extraction in worse cases to protect the surrounding teeth from being infected. The extracted teeth can be replaced by a denture or an implant and be bridged in the final restoration.

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